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 Just over a year ago we lost our dear cat Basket (loving tribute below) and now his brother Timmy has gone to join him in cat heaven. Timmy was always a very timid cat, hence his name, but loving and ever present. His brother used to chase him all over the house but often they just lay happily together before the next spat. Once he was left as the only cat he seemed to become much more vociferous so we were never in any doubt as to where he was and what he wanted. Despite the fights I am sure he missed Basket a great deal. The house seems very empty without them now and we will always miss them as we loved them so much. Hopefully Basket is now chasing him around again as such loving, innocent creatures deserve heaven as much as any human.




Our dear Basket passed on a few days ago and I cannot really express how much we miss his presence. Over the years we have loved many cats, and mourn them all, but he was very special, as his ebullient personality meant that he has left a great hole in our lives. He was loving and playful, but always firm, quite prepared to make it clear if he felt we weren’t giving enough attention, or perhaps at times, too much. Whenever we returned, either from holiday, or just a day out, we knew that he would greet us at the door with enthusiasm, while every morning he would get me out of bed to let him out at first light. Sometimes I complained but I would be so happy to be able to continue to do so. We loved him so much and will always miss him.

Colin Bullen

Ref C0016/06/14




My dear Pudsey, I cannot express how much you are missed and always will be. Abandoned by neighbours in 1999 when they moved house leaving you behind, I reluctantly took you in. You were a boisterous young male cat; I already had Beatrice, my little fluffy female cat and a neat little cottage - your muddy paws and large appetite were not what I had in mind. But no-one else wanted you. As the years went by, I realised what a gem you were - loving, playful, trusting, loyal and intelligent. When Beatrice sadly died in 2007,
you comforted me with your purrs and cuddles. You always seemed so happy and appreciative, all my friends loved you too. I miss you, Pudsey. You taught me so much - how to live in the present with quiet contentment. You never complained - even when desperately ill with kidney failure at the end. After 14 years together, you were put to sleep 18 January 2013.
Good bye my lovely boy and sleep tight; I will always be grateful to those foolish neighbours who left
you behind for me to love and enjoy.

Carrie Brown

Ref C0015/01/13


Milo Nemeth

In loving memory of our very special cat named Milo Nemeth who passed away on Sunday 29th July 2012
We thank God that we were all there when you passed away. You had to be put to sleep your kidneys had almost gone but you held on and waited for us and when I kept telling you Milo that I'm going to miss you so much and that I love you so much you turned to me and said meow, your last meow, you seemed to know. The vet Ian said that you are a good age and that you had done very well to live as long as that with bowel cancer, you were nearly 15 so admirable. I was saying pretty boy as you were passing away and we were all patting you. I had my right hand under your chin as I saw your sweet golden ginger face, me and my mum and brother wanted you to see our faces as you were passing over. I told Ian that Pretty Boy was one of your favourite nicknames and Ian said it’s because you knew you were a pretty boy. Porky was your other nickname because of your love of food. We miss you and love you so much. Thanks so much for your pure love, so gentle like a little lamb nicknamed by the vet named Jeremy when first taken to the vet many years ago. Milo you were so full of life, talkative with a bright bubbly personality, a sweet angel like spirit soft and glowing always shone through.

Milo Nemeth
God bless our dear sweet Milo's very kind, pure love, sweetest and gentleness spirit with so much love from his first human mum Marina, second human Mum Mocca first human dad Daniel and little sister Pretty Lily xxxx
Ref C0014/11/12

GoofyOn September 18th 2011 our dearly beloved cat Goofy died in our arms after an incredible 23 years.


She strolled in to our lives a beautiful fluffy young cat and decided to stay, as cats only do, for the next 22 years.


It is almost impossible to put in to words the happiness and love she gave us all. From the playful games we played to the tender way she would try to wipe away our tears with her paws during sad times. She was our friend and the one constant in our lives who would always be there for us during good times and bad.


She has left us with a big hole in our hearts. We will love and miss her forever.


Lydia, Jon and Shirley 
Ref C0013/09/12
Tommy Cat
Tommy catIn loving memory of Tommy Cat 10 July 1993 - 24 June 2009
Tommy Cat was my best friend, my companion and my 'baby'. He was one of 4 kittens I had from their birth, the last to arrive and I needed to help his mum deliver him. His brother Mittens died in a road accident at 6 months old, but Tom and his brother and sister lived on in our home and in our hearts. Tom became disabled with progressive spondylosis a few years ago and this progressed until he was unable to leave his 'bedroom' without help, yet he seemed happy and secure there. He developed 'sniffles' last December, which didn't seem to bother the vet and the antibiotics held it at bay. However they returned recently and Tom couldn't seem to shake them off. He became very weak last weekend, needing to be syringe fed. I dreaded the thought of taking him for the injection, but he had other ideas and snuggled up to me on the sofa on Tuesday night, where he took his last few breaths and passed out of this life on the stroke of midnight. He leaves a despondent 'mum', his other mum and his newest best friend - my fiance Alan. He is survived by his sister Alice and brother Moppet.
Farewell my faithful friend, until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge xxxxxxxxxx
Jan Collings
Ref C0012/06/09
Poppy 2My almost 17 year old cat Poppy was put to sleep on 27 May 2009. What are we going to do without her?
Sleep well little one.
Love you forever xx
From your devastated family
Sue, Ste, Hayley, Laura and the gang and Tom and Moll your sister and brother
Ref C0011/05/09
My beautiful Gizmo passed away peacefully on 2nd April 2009 at the age of twelve and I miss her more than words can ever say. She was gentle, sweet and affectionate and I will never forget her. You are always in my heart baby, rest in peace.
Tina Mahoney
Ref C0010/04/09
PoppyPoppy died on 28th March at the age of one as a result of a road accident. She was a beautiful long haired cat, playful, mischievous and full of fun, who was very much loved and is sadly missed.
Tina Mahoney
Ref C0009/04/09
Jessie catJess was the first of the litter of five girls to arrive in this world and the last to leave it at the amazing age of almost 21. How can I put into words the effect of all those years? She was more than a part of the family, she was a constant loving gentle purring warm presence for over 20 years. Gentle and loving as she was with her humans she was a fearsome and effective hunter in her prime. One incident which I will never forget is that I had hand reared 5 baby domestic rabbits whose mother had died when they were 2 days old. The vet said I had no chance but I tried anyway and was fully rewarded when the helpless little critters made it to a few months old and then had to move from my kitchen to their purpose built run. Shortly after this move I went in one morning to a scene of carnage and glimpsed a long brown shape making a getaway. Yes it was a weasel. I was devastated; all my baby rabbits had been slaughtered. Some days later Jessie brought me a present - a dead weasel. Over the course of the next few days she brought two more. It is a very brave cat that will tackle a weasel. In her old age she had several problems but it was worsening arthritis which helped me to make the decision to say goodbye. I held her close while she purred and slipped away. Jess you will never leave my heart. Good night, sweet puss.
Lis Wilks, Stapleford
Ref C0008/05/08 
Puce and Kiwini 
Puce and KiwiniI loved my two pussies. One was the housekeeper and the other the seducer but in the end everything began to fade and I had to help them to cat heaven.
'To understand a cat you must realise that he has his own gifts, his own viewpoint, even his own morality.' Lilian Jackson Braun
Francoise Aures, France
Ref C0007/05/08
SootySooty was an elegant jet black cat with the most beautiful green eyes. When he looked at me I felt that he was desperate to communicate silently with me or was trying to read my thoughts. He had been a stray, pushed through someone's hedge in Grantham as a kitten of only four or five weeks old. For years he was fiercely independent and proud, disdainful of petting and other childish behaviour. With age though came an acceptance of stroking and affection although he was always just on the edge of behaving like a wild animal.  Enigmatic, elegant - that was Sooty. But he could also show great intelligence and perception. I'll miss his sphinx like scrutiny, his greeting when I came home from work, but most of all the feeling he gave me that I was a special person in his life.
Richard Jones, Lincolnshire
Ref C0006/01/08
TibbyTibby passed away in September 2006 at the age of 17. He was a gentle and humorous cat who, in his younger days, was full of life and mischief. Tibby didn't have a 'meow' - somewhere along the journey of his life he lost it. He would open his mouth and we'd wait for the familiar cat sound, but no meow came out. He developed a new way of communicating his needs which was to approach us and pat us with his paw until he got our attention. One of my fondest memories of him includes watching him run through the garden to climb the plum tree where he would tease my children as they couldn't reach him. We have three cocker spaniel dogs. Tibby firmly established himself as the leader of their pack by ensuring that he always had the best seat in the house without the dogs daring to challenge him over it. As a family we all miss Tibby with his cheeky personality and his loving gentle nature.
Jane Evans
Ref C0005/06/07
Albert: Jan 1988 to May 30 2004
AlbertAlbert was a cat in a million. A very friendly cat he always greeted me with a purr and a rub against my legs. Albert was a big cat and always ready for his dinner, until his last few months when the weight fell off him. We took him to the vet to be told that his kidneys were very small and failing. We are thankful that we knew this in advance so we could prepare for his departure. One Sunday we got up to find Albert  unable to walk and looking unwell. We decided to have him put to sleep as kidney failure is (apparently) an awful death and we couldn't have him suffering any more. Albert went peacefully in my arms on the Sunday afternoon. He now takes pride of place in a small plot in my garden and I often think about how wonderful he was. If I could have him again I would, sadly this is not possible and we have decided that another cat could not replace our beloved Albert.
Jane  Dudley
Ref C0004/05/07
Fuchsia: 1985 to 2003
FuchsiaMy beautiful Fuchsia graced my life for 18 years during which time she patiently allowed my daughter as a toddler to play endlessly with her and gave me five lovely kittens one of which is still with me at the amazing age of 20! Fuchsia was a well bred British Blue with an elite pedigree, but to us she was one of the family. Fuchsia loved comfort and warmth and would seek it out at every opportunity. One of her favourite sleeping places was lying over my neck when I was in bed to envelop me in warmth and purring....I was in heaven! Darling girl I miss you so much, there will never be another like you.
John Wilks, Stapleford
Ref C0003/05/07 
TitusTitus you were my first cat and taught me all about a cat's enigmatic ways. You had been abandoned in Durham when I found you (although I often think that you found me) and decided to help you and give you a home. Although it was a year before you would sit on my lap I always felt special and privileged when you did.  You were not young when we met but we were together for 10 years. I said goodbye to you when we found that your cancer was spreading and there was no hope. We didn't want you to suffer any more. Sometimes in the still of the night I imagine that I feel your comforting presence at the end of my bed. RIP Titus.
Ref C0002/05/07

Burmese, sleek and lovely - dear Sam was royal. When I visited the RSPCA shelter she jumped on to my shoulder and would not be parted from me. She chose me. My children adored her and she looked into their eyes demanding their honesty and respect. She got it. What more can you ask of a cat?
Adrienne Lee
Ref C0001/05/07


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