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KlaraKlara our big beautiful black broodmare, mum to Phoebe and Ruby, passed away last summer. She loved people but was a dominant mare with the horses, keeping everyone in order, especially her daughters. That was what made her a wonderful mother. Klara had a full and busy life and found contentment and love in her later years with us. We all miss her, but she lives on in her talented offspring. She was very special. 
Cadaran Stud, Leicerstershire
Ref H0006/01/09
SmokeyAn elderly grey pony came to stay with us one day; he was a gentle sweet creature who didn't ask for much from life. Smokey lived with the others during his retirement settling in well with the bigger horses. He was of indeterminate age but it was thought that he was in his late twenties. A problem discovered on his sheath one day was confirmed as cancer and at his advanced age an operation was ruled out. We managed his condition for several months but then took the hardest decision of all when it became obvious that his quality of life had deteriorated and he was suffering pain. A gentle ghostly pony came into our lives and went out again  leaving us very sad but also happy that we had had the opportunity to make his last couple of years comfortable and interesting. Now he is at peace.
Susan, Rutland
Ref H0005/05/08
EdwardEdward lived with us in retirement for the last few years of his life. He was a pony who had been everywhere, done everything and had the teeshirt to prove it. He had taught many children to ride and had the patience of a saint. That did not mean that he was always saintly though! One of his favourite tricks was to lead you to the water trough and then splash his head around in it, soaking you at the same time! He was a favourite uncle with the foals allowing them to climb on him, even when he was lying down! Edward lived to the wonderful age of 30, but succumbed to cancer in the end. He left us with dignity and many wonderful memories.  
Susan, Rutland
Ref H0004/01/08
JossYou were with me for 11 years and although I lost you nearly 2 years ago I still think about what a very special horse you were. I remember how you used to love having your face rubbed and how much you enjoyed treats and lots of fuss. We had some wonderful times together exploring the local lanes and countryside. You were patient with the young horses and a calming influence when they were having a mad moment! But most of all I remember your beauty and nobility.
RIP my old friend.
Lis Wilks, Stapleford
Ref H0003/05/07
ZephyrWith your lovely nature and manners you were the perfect horse for me. We learned together to do the basics and you also enjoyed cantering in the stubble fields when it was allowed. Your previous doting owner had passed away and I felt so lucky to be the one chosen to ride and care for you. Sadly your time with me was cut short by incurable lameness and I had to make the decision to put you to sleep. Such a difficult decision to make as it is irreversible. I knew though by looking at your eyes how much pain you were in. Now I know that you are galloping around in the great meadow in the sky, painfree at last.
Rosalind, Greenwich
Ref H0002/05/07
Queenie and Dylan
Queenie and DylanOur darling Queenie died in her field one night with 3 month old Dylan at foot. It was a terrible time for us trying to come to terms with such an unexpected and sudden death and trying to cope with an unweaned and desperately lonely foal. With lots of support from family and friends we got through the next few months and Dylan recovered from the shock and began to thrive. The worst was yet to come though. At around his first birthday Dylan got an infection deep within his tendon sheath. The vet said that his best chance of recovery was an operation. He suffered heart failure and died on the operating table. It was a cruel blow and even now, 2 years later, we still mourn for and miss him terribly.
Cadaran Stud, Leicestershire
Ref H0001/05/07
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