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DoodleYou were a rabbit with attitude - you may never have been a great one for cuddles but you were a great companion for all that. You taught my two boys a lot about animals, that every one has its own character and we have to work with that, just like we do with people. You came from the RSPCA rescue centre on the Isle of Wight as I thought our albino lop-eared rabbit needed a companion. She became vert fond of you, you let her wash your ears and, although you looked as though you  were just humouring her, I think you rather liked it.  You certainly liked the burrows she dug in the garden, she was much better at it than you for all her delicate good looks and your more rugged handsomeness.  

But when we lost her you wouldn’t let anyone else into your life.  I tried to get you a new companion but you ripped her ears to shreds and we couldn’t keep her.  So you ruled the garden on your own after that.  I was worried to start with that the cat might see you as dinner.  How wrong I was!  He was terrified of you, he knew who was boss.  And I always respected you for that.  Small you might have been but you knew how to stand your ground.  As one of diminutive statue, that was a useful lesson you taught me.


You had the run of the garden, except for a few weeks in the spring when you did too much damage to all my new seedlings.  Then you stayed in the run, but you had your burrow as well as a hutch so you were quite happy. But most of the time you just lived your rabbity life in the garden, feasting on dandelions.  And always there to listen when everyone else was too busy. 
Sally Kavanagh, Hampshire
Ref R0003/05/07 
DotDot was my first rabbit. She was beautiful with a silky grey coat but best of all was her sweet nature. She liked to be picked up and cuddled and she never tried to bite. I often took her indoors and we sat on the sofa together and watched television. I used to take her out for walk in the garden on a long lead and she loved to forage for dandelions and find other nice things to eat. For a rabbit she lived for 10 years and although she had some health problems towards the end she stayed very happy and healthy throughout her long life. 
Ros (aged 8), Leicestershire
Ref R0002/05/07
BarneyI bought Barney on a whim from the fur and feather market one day when I was browsing at a loose end for a while. He was a beautifully marked black and white Dutch rabbit no more than a few months old. From the start we had a special bond. He loved to be picked up. His favourite spot was to be held against my neck where he would lick me and make little noises, almost like a cat's purr. He was very intelligent and enjoyed the company of the kitten we had at the time. He often had the run of the garden but would never stray very far. I was devastated when Barney contracted myximatosis and as soon as it was diagnosed I asked the vet to put him to sleep as I couldn't bear the thought of him suffering such a horrible death. Now I think of him often and fondly and will never forget his loving ways.
Ref R0001/05/07  


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