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Lindy came to us through the Labrador Lifeline Trust.

During her nearly 5 years with us she changed from a reserved, do as you told dog, to a happy, lively, playful girl. We are sure she made up for her years she had lost. She loved to come for walks in the New Forest, Testwood Lakes and Dearleep, as well as the local park and our huge garden.

One of her favourite things was lying on her back and having her tummy tickled. When I did that, I made a little song; 'Tickely boo,Tickely boo,Tickely tummy, tickely YOU.' She often had a smile on her face then. When I got ready in the mornings, she would watch me and wait for me to give her my socks, so she could carry them down the stairs for me. She did this even on her last day.

As all Labradors, she was mad about food, and would always lay in the kitchen when I was cooking. She came upstairs at night time, laying next to my bed (never go on it) but wanted to be close to me.

During the last two months we noticed she was panting a lot and laying rigid on the floor, not wanting to move. When I took her to the vet, they said it was probably Spondylosis a condition affecting the spine. We now know that it must have been her growing tumour that caused her discomfort.

One day at work, my son phoned me saying that she was drooling and not looking well. I made an appointment with the vet straight away. When I got there, the vet said she thought there might be a lump in her tummy which was bleeding.

The vet did an ultrasound scan which showed a very large tumour on Lindy’s spleen which was bleeding. I gave consent to the operation and later the vet phoned to say that they had removed the tumour but it was evident that there were secondaries in her liver and intestines. She also said that tumours of this type will come back sooner rather than later. I did not want my girl to suffer in any way. I gave consent to keep her sleeping (putting her to sleep). I wanted to come and say goodbye with Bruno, her brother. Lindy lay on her side, on a drip to keep her asleep. I wanted to be there for her till the last minute so I agreed to stay. As she already had a drip in her leg, the vet only had to increase the dose of the lethal anaesthetic and within seconds she was gone. My lovely happy girl had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace Lindy.

Petra Arnott

Ref D0018/05/15





This pain in our hearts is hard to bear. We woke up to find you weren't there. Just 3 short weeks from the   start of your illness, we had no time to prepare ourselves. The house is so empty without your little face. We had to make the awful decision to let you go, your pain was so great, but you were so brave little girl. You will be in our hearts forever. Our beloved Millie R.I.P. 5th June 2003 - 26th November 2013 

Jackalind Griffin

Ref D0017/11/13

Jez AkitaMy beautiful Akita, Jezebel (Lapema's Hot 'n' Heavenly) went over the Rainbow Bridge nearly a year ago and I still miss her dreadfully. She was a credit to her breed, a great ambassador, and everyone who knew her loved her. Run free, Jez, until we meet again.
 For Jez
 6th April 2000 - 19th June 2011


A Special Place
You have a special place, Dear Lord, that I know you always keep.
A special place reserved for dogs to peacefully fall asleep.
A place with fluffy pillows, and a yard for hiding bones.
With maybe a little babbling creek that rushes over stones.
With wide green fields and flowers, for those who never knew,
of running, playing freely, under a sky of perfect blue.
Lord, I know you keep this special place, and so to you I pray,
for one oh so special dog, who came to you today.
She was so full of strength and love, and so very, very wise.
The puppy look she once had, this morning left her eyes.
She will be dearly missed, Dear lord, this special love of mine.
But, now she'll romp and play, in your land that's so divine.
Speak to my baby softly, please, with a hug and a warm hello.
She's a special gift to you, Dear Lord, from me, who loved her so.
Anne Louise Trebus
Ref D0016/05/12
Redbone Hound

WinstonWhen your rescuer brought you to me, I was not particularly impressed. You turned out to be a great dog. Even though I was afraid of losing you I let you roam and howl in the big woods because I knew you loved it. You always came back to the campfire or the truck and put your paw on my arm as if to say 'thank you Daddy’. You were a GREAT  TRACKER led me to Duke twice when he was lost and panicking in the woods, then guided us out, once through a blinding thunderstorm. BRAVE LOYAL FRIEND. When we heard Duke fighting with coyotes you were frantic to go and help him. You managed to be houndog stubborn AND very sweet and loving. You made me laugh countless times. I laugh still, between the tears.

Slimey Limey, USA
Ref D0015/01/11
LibbraDear Lib, I tried everything to save you, from specialists, traditional vets and holistics, but nothing seemed to make you feel any better.  I tried my hardest girl.  You were picked from a litter at 8 weeks and you had a loving family for the next 12 years.  I miss you Libster, I cry just thinking about you.  What was best for you was the worst for me.  Having to put you to sleep so that the airedale spirit inside your diseased body could be free again.  To spin in circles and chase anything in your yard.  I love you Libber more than you'll ever know. I'll never forget my girl, never. You're mama's good girl Lib!
Kim Ohio, USA
Ref D0014/10/10

SpikeOn August 25, 2010, our  Spike left us at age 14. Spike gave us endless hours of love and joy. He immediately become a member of our family. He asked so little…his Friday night pizza crust, his weekend bagels, and his favorite walk called the “Fam” because we all had to walk with him. His unconditional love was never more relevant and appreciated then when his “mommy” became ill. He simply realized that he needed to stay by her side 24/7. This act of love provided an amazing source of comfort for both his “mommy & daddy”…all Spike asked in return was to be rubbed. Losing our Piker left a huge void in our house and in our hearts. Our only source of comfort is that he is no longer suffering. We like to believe that he is now running as he did as a puppy and eating an endless amount of his “goody-boys.” We will always love and miss our boy. We thank him for all the pleasure he provided and the manner in which he demonstrated his absolute love for our whole family.

Sharon States
Ref D0013/09/10
 Casey Sturgeon
Casey SturgeonCasey Sturgeon was a fantastic dog. She was put to sleep June 15th 2009. She was born on June 8th, 1994. We adopted her from Mission Road Animal Clinic. We loved her for 15 years. I miss her very much. She was my first dog. I still get sad sometimes. That is how much I miss my dog. I know that she was suffering in the end but now I know that she is watching over me. I had her ever since I was 5 years old. She will never be forgotten in this house. We loved her very much till the end. I still love her even though she is no longer alive.
Ref D0012/04/10
My Milly 2
 I lost my beloved Milly 4 weeks ago and I am devastated. A light has gone from my life and I am heartbroken. Milly you were the most special friend and I will never forget you. With my love always.
  My Milly
Silvana Presutti
Ref D0011/10/09 
Cholo-CaneloCholo-Canelo, we met you one January 31 and from that moment our hearts were captive for you, although the short time we spent together was a beautiful time, you were still a younger dog. You were and are a light in our lives, for your love, faith, nobility, strength and friendship......We love you, our canine friend, take care and be happy until then, maybe the day we can see each other again face to face for an eternity, and then run and play together again.
Thanks a lot for being the dog more easier to love and our friend.
With love, your family and friends.
Claudia Fernandez
Ref D0010/03/09
JackWhen I think of you Jack (such a short name but such a huge personality) I remember lots of happy times. You were a fathful loving dog who never had a cross word for anyone. You were a wonderful companion, sensing when I was down with a gift for just being there for me when I needed you most. Your happy nature helped us all through the miserable times of loss and uncertainty. When your own time came to say goodbye I held you close and hoped that you would understand that I was there for you too. We had lots of little chats and you could read me like a book. I only had to look at you in a certain way for you to know that it was time to go for a run in the woods or better still along the beach, which was your favourite spot of all. You were my dog and I will always cherish your memory. Thank you for giving me your love; I hope that you are happy in doggy heaven. God bless.
Anne Smith, Suffolk
Ref D0009/01/08
JessieJessie was our beautiful old rescued greyhound. We got her aged 2 and she was a bit scary - all muscles and far too interested in anything small that runs. She soon settled into our lives and onto our sofa and gave us years of wonder at her graceful elegance and hysterical laughter at her ungainly sleeping poses. It was really hard to let you go aged 12, old mate. We still miss you and sometimes still hear you jump down off the bed when it's quiet. You shouldn't have been there in the first place but such determined laziness is hard to argue with.....Goodnight lady.
Carol, Sarah and James, Derbyshire
Ref D0008/10/07
Ellie May
EllieIt is nearly a year since you left us. The time passes but the memories linger. I still feel the aching sadness your leaving created. You were one in a million. Your nobility, loyalty, friendship, strength and huge feet are still without comparison. Your unerring protection of the children while they were 'camping' was quite remarkable. You would never leave them until the last one was safely back in the house. Being in the garden is just not the same any more, you were the friend of everyone and I miss you every day. I would give anything to share a hug or a tug of war with you again. Without you there is a void that will never be filled.
Sue Johnson, Whissendine
Ref D0007/05/07 
MaxyMax was a Border Collie cross chosen from the local Police Kennel when he was about 6 months old. He was a cuddly lively puppy who we all fell immediately in love with and he adored us. He was a wonderful companion and a good house dog. I enjoyed my walks with him in the local park where we would always be greeted by others with their dogs. I made many friends this way. Max lived to the ripe old age of 16 when the vet advised us it would be kinder to let him go. Even after all these years he is still missed very much.
Gurli Child, Bishop Auckland
Ref D0006/05/07
Scat was born on my 21st birthday and was part of my life for 14 years. We all still miss her a lot. She was not an obviously easy dog to love, but somehow she managed to wheedle her way into our hearts. She had a look all of her own - my mother called her a cross between a dachshund and a Chippendale table! She was clever, manipulative, often smelly and ran rings around the other dogs we had. She made us smile a lot and the world's a duller place without her.
Bridget, Nottingham
Ref D0005/05/07 
Charlie died three years ago and I still think about him a lot. He was a beautiful brindle Irish Wolfhound/Alsation cross and I remember him running through the fields like a lion. He was a real gentle giant and Tom my son played with him when he was a toddler. He was good company, eager and up for anything and laid back as well. It's hard to believe that he's not around any more.
Bridget, Nottingham
Ref D0004/05/07
Our loving faithful old black dog was with us for a full long life. Often we would talk nose to nose on the stairs and discuss the meaning of life. She never disagreed with me! I can still smell her warm musty dogginess and will always remember her - a loyal friend.
Adrienne Lee
Ref D0003/05/07
Alfie and Basil
Alfie BasilIt's two years since we lost our boys, first Alfie and then Basil, devoted brothers and our dearest companions. You brought us twelve years of joy and were the centre of our world, faithful, funny, gentle and so beautiful. You gave us unconditional love and, though it's now Daisy who walks your favourite beaches and woods, you are always with us and we will never forget you. God bless you both.
Heidi and Paul Yates, Norwich
Ref D0002/05/07 
KendalYour short life was one of ups and downs with lots of worry for your loving owner! But you did not let your problems dim your appetite for life and the heaps of love you gave to everyone you came into contact with. I loved your bright eyes, cheerful outlook and funny bent ear. You made me feel special and blessed to have been your owner and I will never forget the joy you gave me.

Mark Suter
Ref D0001/05/07 


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