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George (Guinea Pig)
GeorgeGeorge was my guinea pig. He was a black and white little ball of fluff when he came home with Mum and Dad. He was such a little character who gradually won all our hearts. He used to be let out through the day and in the evenings and run around the carpet. It was so funny to hear his little feet pattering on the carpet, they seemed so loud. In the mornings he would hear the fridge door open and would squeak loudly for food. He was so friendly and used to love being tickled and scratched by me. He was and still is thought of a lot and he is sadly missed.
Lucy Child (age 15), Cockfield
Ref G0002/05/07 

Molly and Spot (Gerbils)
I got you for my children, but ended up being the one who really appreciated you both! When my husband was working away from home a lot I'd play patience in the kitchen in the evenings after the chidren had gone to bed. I'd hear a rustle and some busy sounds and then there you would be - busily reorganising your nest and stretching your legs! It felt good to have the company and you always looked like animals who had jobs to do - a bit like I felt. I miss you both!
Bridget Hazell, Nottingham
Ref G0001/05/07



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