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PoddyPoddy my beauty how you enriched our garden with your fabulous, colourful and noisy presence! We loved your cries, you were better than a guard dog. Your beak was fearsome but you were such a gentle bird who learned to take food from our hand, although we could never touch you.  Your favourite food was leaves from the magnolia but you would eat anything especially scraps from the kitchen. We lost you after more than ten years to the fox and that was hard to bear. We miss you every day appearing at the back door, opening your tail for any passing chicken or car, and the wonderful eerie sound of your call.
Lis and John Wilks
Ref B0002/08/08

William White
William WhiteWilliam was my beautiful white cockerel who died aged 8 years. I had bred him and from a very early age he showed such a strong personality. He was constantly wary in his younger days but as he mellowed he would come to call for food and follow me into the house sometimes. He lived comfortably with the cats although sometimes when the sap was rising he would go for the peacocks, especially if the peacock got too close to one of the hens. I loved his crowing in the morning and his proud bearing when guarding his flock. He escaped death a few weeks before I lost him when I found he had fallen into the pond and had been there for some time. He was rescued, dried off and put back into his house. That was the only time I was allowed to pick him up. I thought that he would have been too chilled to survive but he was a fighter! Sadly his second brush with death was such that I found him dead near the house. There was no mark on him but there were feathers everywhere. It is sad to think that he was probably frightened to death. Rest in peace my proud unforgettable boy.
Lis Wilks
Ref B0001/01/08


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